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Podcast 16 – To all believers in the system

Topics: The importance of logical understanding before emotional reaction, Government is an idea people need to get over, Both anarchists and statists naturally react...
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Podcast 15 – Essential Knowledge For Humanity

Support Us! http://informationwarfareblog.com/support/ Podcast 15 – Essential Knowledge For Humanity Topics: Government is just men and women robbing you, Blatant RIGHT IN YOUR FACE...

Podcast 14 – Framework For Moving The Truth Movement Forward

Podcast 14 – August 11, 2015 Podcast 14 Support Us! http://informationwarfareblog.com/support/ Topics in this podcast include: What is “The Zone”, How to use “The...
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How To Start Improving Your Health From Any Point

No matter what state of health you are at, there are always ways of improving your health through using logic, reason and intuition. First...
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Is Anarchy Dangerous? A comparison of anarchism vs. statism

Anarchy is far safer than giving a monopoly on force to the hands of a moral relativist group that has already admitted to, and...
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Santos Bonacci Arrested! Please sign this petition, and more!

Check out the video above, and please sign the following petition: Click here for the petition I have shared this matter with the ITNJ...
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IW update – Japan Appears To Be Paying Governments To Dump Nuclear Waste

It is quite possible the Japanese government and/or corporations, organizations and individuals linked to, profiting from or liable from the Fukushima nuclear disaster are...
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A Message To The Conspiracy Truth Movement (New Video) *Please Share*

Mark Passio ‘Natural Law’ presentation: http://informationwarfareblog.com/important-mark-passio-natural-law-seminar-all-3-parts/
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Every single conscious being dislikes force being initiated upon it (New Video)

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