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To Protect and Serve Evil

A disturbing recount of a terrorist raid and hostage situation in Australia where they were held at gunpoint by armed terrorist thugs in unmarked...
cult of ultimate evil

IMPORTANT! Mark Passio – The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

Other ‘Mark Passio’ videos: IMPORTANT – Mark Passio Natural Law Seminar ALL 3 PARTS
libertarian extremist logic

(Excellent video) I Am a Libertarian Extremist…and So Are You

I thought this was an excellent video, I enjoy this channels libertarian/voluntaryist content. Recent articles: Some thoughts on the negative effects of television From...
negativeeffects oftelevisin

Some thoughts on the negative effects of television

It’s sad seeing people watch television and thinking it has no negative effect on their mind, or even worse knowing it is bad and...
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From our readers: Shocking USA police state infographic!

Special thanks to Viviana Shafrin for sharing this with us. She helped in the creation of this infographic which displays information that is certainly...
Podcast 17

IW Podcast #17 – Freeing Humanity from Slavery By Creating Heaven on Earth

(FEATURING IW AND HFTL) Podcast 17 – How to Free Humanity from Slavery and Eugenics and Practically Manifest Heaven on Earth Support Us!
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Podcast 16 – To all believers in the system

Topics: The importance of logical understanding before emotional reaction, Government is an idea people need to get over, Both anarchists and statists naturally react...
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Podcast 15 – Essential Knowledge For Humanity

Support Us! Podcast 15 – Essential Knowledge For Humanity Topics: Government is just men and women robbing you, Blatant RIGHT IN YOUR FACE...

Podcast 14 – Framework For Moving The Truth Movement Forward

Podcast 14 – August 11, 2015 Podcast 14 Support Us! Topics in this podcast include: What is “The Zone”, How to use “The...