IW Podcast #02

In this weeks podcast we provide updates on the website, and our plan for the future of informationwarfare. Podcast 02 We discuss: Human psychology...


We have released our first podcast. It is full of vital information and is a must-listen! Check it out! Podcast 01


In this video I provide an update on the progress of our documentary The Next Level and discuss topics relevant to that. Thank you.
IW October 2014 Update

IW October 2014 Update – The Next Level Update and Upcoming New Content

This is Travis, Informationwarfareblog.com with an update. The Next Level is coming along very nicely. HFTL is currently recording the narration; music and visual...
good cop fallacy IW

(New Video) The “Good Cop” Logical Fallacy + How To ACTUALLY Learn From History

This video is from my new youtube channel Hilarious Truth: https://www.youtube.com/user/hilarioustruthvideos/videos
heavily armed men destroy marijuana

‘Mysterious, Heavily Armed Men’ Dropping from Helicopters to Destroy Legal Marijuana Fields!

Even if these fields weren’t legal these thugs have NO right whatsoever to do this. The people doing this aren’t even government agents, not...
gun control

Gun Control in 47 Seconds – Gun Control Advocates Are PRO VIOLENCE!

“If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not...

I Correct A Police Meme To Be More Accurate

I saw this and just had to counter the propaganda bullshit.
Cop Tries To Take Child - People Fight Back and WIN!

Cop Tries To Take Child – People Fight Back and WIN!

This psychopathic cop claims he “knows what he can do”, he seems to think he is god. He literally said “I can do whatever...