A Simple Solution

At Last!!!

A TRUE UTOPIA IS within our grasp!

Peace, Freedom and Abundance FOR EVERYONE, worldwide

Now that is an idea everyone can resonate with!

People think achieving heaven on earth is impossible.

The majority of people assume because a solution to world peace AND ABUNDANCE has not become mainstream that the solution does not exist, or that the process would be too elusive, complex, And an insurmountable challenge.

In actual fact the solutions humanity seeks are quite simple!

They exist as possibilities at all times and in all moments!

In fact, at this moment the universe is giving us A very serious ULTIMATUM:

paradise or extinction.

I choose paradise.

We Need Simple Solutions:

WE NEED TO EMBRACE Permaculture!

You may have heard of Permaculture. It’s a GROUNDBREAKING food production method that mimics the patterns of nature and uses intelligent, efficient design to shape landscapes to produce an abundance of all the essentials to sustain a great quality of life for every human. Permaculture ecosystems require very little maintenance after the initial establishment.


Unlike our current control systems, Permaculture begins with ETHICS:

  • Earth CareThe Earth should be aesthetically beautiful, and the soil: healthy and fertile. We need to shift our perspectives to thinking globally, but acting locally – stabilizing the environment from the grassroots up!

  • Life Care The acknowledgement and appreciation that all natural, living organisms have intrinsic worth and value and should all be respected for the functions that they perform – even if we don’t see them as useful to our needs. Nature must be harmonized with, not fought against!

  • People CareThe people of the Earth must feel ensured of their health, wealth, security and future. They must not be in a state of shortage, suffering or servitude. Permaculture practices encourage us to share our surplus with our community, family and friends, so we all benefit.

These simple guiding principles have wide and universal application and also mirror the Ubuntu philosophy!

We CAN Restore the Planet if we ACT NOW!


  • Recognize your own perfection, divinity, greatness, power and free-will as well as your capacity for infinite potential and higher consciousness

  • YOU must develop a desire to learn the truth, and above all familiarize yourself with the concepts of:

Natural Law


Ubuntu Contributionism

Voluntary Association

Spiritual Anarchy


non-local Consciousness



THIS KNOWLEDGE PROVIDES the foundations for a free, peaceful and abundant world and are all simple, effective and actionable NOW!

  • Research these concepts in depth. They all differ in very important ways but stem from the same principle which is that Nature and Consciousness are to be respected, prioritized and that every aspect of creation is symbiotically connected.

  • After researching these concepts, and acquiring this knowledge, we must then align ourselves with the philosophies and principles of these systems and harmonize with the objective Natural Law of creation while implementing positive actions in our life as an inspiration for others.

  • We must undermine public support for the government and the macro-economic system that has enslaved mankind and is currently in the process of reducing the worlds population by drastic numbers!

  • Acquire information from reputable sources (Mark Passio, Max Igan, Steven Greer) and disseminate this knowledge everywhere you can

  • Convert ALL money into survival supplies and intrinsically valuable items in order to become self-sufficient in every possible way and independent from the current control system

  • Build community with those around you, try and move forward together and build up those around you.

  • Lead by example in all you do. Be the change you wish to see!

Permaculture Is Actionable right now, everyone can do this.

It is truly a vital component in humanity surviving and preventing the coming crises.

It has been demonstrated that permaculture can work in rural, SUBurban, CITY and EVEN desert ENVIRONMENTS!

By using intelligent design we can desalinize deserts! We can make each city entirely sustainable and self-sufficient and free. With abundance and harmonization with natural law we can negate most violence!

Everywhere around the world, people are educating themselves on this information, implementing it in their own lives and reaping the ENORMOUS benefits!!!! Imagine a world free of economic slavery and oppression; a society that embraced both nature and human technology! Imagine everywhere you can see: forests of mangoes, bananas, herbs, greens, vegetables and other delicious, free, organic, life-giving food full of vitamins, minerals and other health promoting constituents that also heal the biosphere!!!


The NEXT LEVEL: GLOBAL REVOLUTION – A World Peace Action Plan Documentary!

Please help support us as we bring this idea (and many more!) to fruition!

An investment in us is an investment in a free, peaceful and abundant future.

We are creating this documentary with the intention of bringing what we consider essential information together into one easy-to-understand package, and mobilising humanity around common ideas that we each share as sacred, in order to fight our common enemies, to propagate the principles of natural law, permaculture, ubuntu contributionism, voluntary association, spiritual anarchy and to undermine public support for the government by exposing the corruption inherent in our current, obsolete slavery system.

We will explain the immorality, criminality, futility and danger of continuing to comply with the status quo.

AND with your help, we will attempt to awaken the entire planet to the benefits of a FREE and PEACEFUL world!!!!!!!!!!!!

“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter.” ― Bill Mollison

Why This Can And Will Work If You Participate:

Humanity CAN make this happen.

WILL we!? That remains to be seen.

But I believe THE NEXT COUPLE YEARS is WHEN we will reach critical mass!

So what is critical mass?

Critical mass is when a sufficient percentage of humanity is in a state of awareness and coherence with the truth and the solutions that the tide begins to turn.

In social dynamics, critical mass is the point at which a sufficient number of people adopt an innovation in a social system so that the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates exponential growth.

If we look at quantum mechanics, the super-fluidity of helium for example, when we cool the material down to near absolute zero, as the molecules approach critical mass, things become very chaotic and crazy and then, when a small percentage of molecules become coherent, SUDDENLY, there is a breakthrough – what is called quantum phase transition (QPT) – and the chaos becomes harmony – that is the pattern!

This means all the chaos we are experiencing currently is part of the process, and occurs literally imminently before harmony!

We already see a growing coherence amongst people who understand higher consciousness, the non-locality of mind, trans-dimensional realities, free-energy technologies, permaculture practices, the unsustainability of the current paradigm – and while the awakening process may seem slow, painful and even hopeless at times, realistically we are SO CLOSE to the tipping point! We cannot lose focus, we need to be proactive, and constructive in the face of this chaos, and establish (by living) a new way together!

Critical mass is not the whole world’s population, critical mass is achieved when a necessary percentage of us are in a state of coherence that is sufficient enough to shift the rest of the population – and so we need to continue to generate awareness through education and inspiration and make this happen.

 As much as we may not like the responsibility, each human being has a custodial duty to resist

What is great about this documentary is it is NOT a utopian pipe-dream future that is unattainable. This is reality-based, documented to work and it can happen RIGHT NOW!

Anyone at any moment has the ability to just start implementing these ideas. We don’t have to wait for government or the system to pass regulations we just DO IT.

Enough with these self imposed chains holding us down! Enough with the invisible cage limiting our perspective. Enough with ECONOMIC SLAVERY!

Money is an illusion and is incredibly limiting considering human energy is the REAL currency – not money. Human energy and creativity is responsible for building everything.

Money is the middle-man between us and our needs, it is the BIGGEST obstacle to progress, exacerbating the ugliest aspects of our species!

Imagine if beautiful food producing forests existed everywhere, unique to every climate. Imagine you didn’t have to pay for food anymore. Imagine if everyone was eating free organic produce so we can by default be the healthiest, truest expressions of ourselves?

What would you do with your life if you weren’t constrained to a job purely for the money?

Your true desires can be fulfilled once we have established the foundations of a free world… and we have everything necessary to do so!


And I would suggest we have JUST one year left – 2015 – with which to reach critical mass.


So please focus.

We have the tools, techniques, technology, capability and necessity to create SUCH a PARADISE!

We are already exerting the same amount of energy required to create this paradise, but instead we channel our energy into corporations with immoral agendas that threaten us all!

We need a conscious effort to move in this direction. Our Choice: Change for the better… or suffer extinction…

Our current path is destined to fail, but if humanity empowers themselves with a holistic perspective…

I know we can change the world for the better. Cool

If we share this documentary THIS PLAN can become a success!

But we must participate!!


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